Why I Enjoy Anime So Much

I enjoy anime really much because of the many underlying themes that each show presents within itself. Many people may view anime as just characters duking it our every episode, but I see beyond that. Life lessons can be taught through anime and the feeling of being on the edge of your seat not knowing what will take place is thrilling. Although I am a fan of a great fight scene, I mainly look at the storyline of an anime when judging how much I enjoy it. Just how people can be interested in a book or television series with a interesting story, the same applies to me through anime. A good anime will be filled with heartfelt moments coupled with breathtaking action sequences. This is why I enjoy watching anime. On this website you will see my 6 favorite anime and learn more about them.

List of Anime I have Seen, Watching, and Plan on Watching

Anime that I would recommend for first time watchers

Based on what you are looking for

Action Adventure Psychology
Attack On Titan One Piece Death Note
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Hunter x Hunter Code Geass
Dragon Ball Z Naruto Future Diary
My Hero Academia Sword Art Online Tokyo Ghoul


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